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Small Business Square Reader Sign

Small Business Square Reader Sign

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Are you looking to elevate your face-to-face customer interactions?

Integrate your square reader, business cards, and allow your customers to get connected with you instantly on social media by scanning your QR code. 

We can offer a customized, professional, high-quality QR creation service that meets all of your business needs. We will work closely with you to ensure an understanding of your unique requirements and deliver QR's that effectively communicate your message and enhances the user experience.  If you want us to create the QR code, please send us the links, and we will take care of the rest. If you already have QR codes, email them to us at

Can be created out of wood, acrylic, or a mixture of both.

Price starts at $75.00 - depending on the finish required, materials used, and the complexity of the logo to be cut and assembled.  Send us an email if you'd like a quote prior to ordering to

We can work together with any budget to create the perfect piece for you.

Use code LOCAL at check out for local pick-up.
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